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Quazzel - Language Exchange


Quazzel is the new way to learn a language with native speakers in an immersive way.Find language partners and start chatting and video-chatting with them.Our feature-rich app will make learning a language fun for you:
===== Dynamic Matches based on your language settings =====
Based on your language settings we show you matching users from all around the world. You can then start to chat with them or invite them to a video chat session. You can even call them instantly if they are online.
===== Calendar with indication of free spots =====
Our calendar shows you a users free spots and preferred times for video chat language learning sessions. Send users suggestions and reschedule if something comes up. Your language partner will be notified about every change and eventually receive a reminder for the upcoming call with you.
===== Keep track of your upcoming appointments =====
See your upcoming video chat appointments all in one tab so you can manage multiple language learning partners and appointments.
===== Learning with text and voice chat =====
Quazzel provides you a text and voice chat to stay in touch with other language learners.
===== Live video chat =====
Engage in live video chats with your language partners directly inside our app. Call them instantly if they are online and start speaking!
What are you waiting for? Thousands of Quazzlers are already waiting for you!